Dad I'd Like To Friend (The DILF Podcast)

When Mom Becomes Dad

Episode Summary

What if you had the chance to view the world from a completely fresh perspective… to be given the opportunity to comprehend what the opposite sex deals with on a daily basis? Here's your chance as Kevin welcomes Nick North, a one-of-a-kind dad to five children, for one of the most eye-opening conversations on gender bias that you will ever hear from someone who began his parenting journey… as a mom.

Episode Notes

It’s no secret that the world treats men and women very differently… and the same goes for moms and dads; however, truly comprehending what it’s like for the opposite sex is no easy task. Kevin welcomes Nick North, a trans man with the rare experience of living life as both dad and mom. After giving birth to four children, Nick decided that he was tired of living a lie and began his journey transitioning to Dad. 

His journey is not only fascinating but an eye-opening lesson in the realities of gender bias that most of us face on a daily basis. So much more than a trans story, this is Nick North's tale of bravery — an eye-opening interview that proves that the formula for being an amazing parent is simply living your truth while continuing to show up each and every day... with love. 

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